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Ginger Kiss - Ginger & Lemongrass - Organic

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Zingy taste to keep your Tummy Happy, your Body Warm & Chase away Sniffles. Ginger can relieve Nausea & treat Inflammations such as Arthritis. Lemongrass helps Detoxify the Liver & Hibiscus may help Lower Blood Pressure. 

The touch of Hibiscus adds a pink "kiss" and extra bit of natural tang, without any artificial additives!

Certified Organic Ginger & Lemongrass & Wildcrafted Rosella Hibiscus. Mixed & Packed in small batches by Blackbooks Tea in Cairns with Australian & imported ingredients.

 1 tsp per cup. Boiling water 3-10 min.  Sweeten with honey. Try chilled. Make double strength & add soda water for a healthy soft drink.

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