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Sampler - A Trip to Asia

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3 tins of popular teas.15 to 20 cups (or more) 20/30g in each tin. 1 small tsp per cup, 2-3 min with hot, not boiling water. Rebrew leaves & enjoy subtle flavour changes. Overbrewing or boiling water will cause bitterness. Add cold water & steep 2-3 hours or overnight in fridge for your water bottle.

Jasmine Buddha Tears

Two leaves & a bud are specially hand-picked to make this premium quality, fragrant & light champagne coloured tea. Naturally high in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine. Jasmine flower infused White Tea Camellia Sinensis. Grown & processed in Fujian China.

 Iron Goddess Oolong Tie Guan Yin

“Dragon” tea is high in antioxidants & traditionally known for balancing body metabolism & aiding digestion.  Large whole rolled partially fermented Camellia Sinensis. Grown in China.

 Japanese Lime

A fragrant, delicate & refreshing flavour. Rich in antioxidants. This wonderful green tea is a great choice for those new to drinking green tea as well as regular green tea drinkers. Green tea camellia sinensis, lime, lemon peel & lemongrass. Grown in Japan

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