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Blackbooks Tea

Sampler - Travel & Tea

Sampler - Travel & Tea

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3 x mixed mini tins. 15 to 20 cups (or more) 30g in each tin. 

Stockholm Blend – “Soderblandning” A natural smooth vanilla sweetness & a delicate aroma. This tea was first blended in the Swedish capital city & has a well-balanced flavour combination. Black tea camellia sinensis, Vanilla, orange, apricot, safflower, calendula, rose.

French Earl Grey A fancy & fruity trip to Paris! This beautiful, well balanced tea will appeal to those tea lovers who find traditional Earl Grey with only bergamot too strong or aromatic. Black tea camellia sinensis with bergamot, apricot, mango, rose petals & cornflowers.  

The Captain's Breakfast Sail the seven seas with this strong, full bodied blend with good aroma & depth of flavour. Camellia sinensis. Quality Assam FTGFOP from India, Keemun from China & Ceylon BOP. 

Use approximately 1 tsp / 2-3g of tea per cup. Boiling water & sit for 2-3 min if drunk black or 3–5 min if you want to add milk.  



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