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Blackbooks Tea

Sampler - Wellbeing Selection

Sampler - Wellbeing Selection

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2 x Jars of 15 to 20 cups (or more) in each jar. Use approximately 1 tsp / 2-3g of tea per cup. 

PU-ERH Digestive black tea has a special woody, earthy flavour & aroma but tastes similar to a plain black tea. Gentle to the stomach & traditionally known in Chinese medicine to aid digestion & support liver cleansing.  A special process of secondary microbial fermentation takes place to produce this distinctive camellia sinensis tea style, grown only in Yunnan Province China. This is a loose-leaf version of the classic tea cake, ready to drink now without aging.

Organic Roasted Dandelion The roasting process gives this naturally caffeine free infusion a nutty, coffee like flavour. Excellent for cleansing the liver & a mild laxative that helps digestion.   Taraxacum Officinalis.  ACO Australian Certified Organic. Grown in Morocco.


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