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A real "Win Win" situation ūüėć Loose Leaf Tea not only tastes better, but it is better for you! !

Quality loose leaf tea not only tastes better, but it so much better for you too! It is far less processed and so much higher in antioxidants and other health benefits than the "fannings" used in teabags.

I freshly blend and pack all my teas by hand in small batches in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland.

Life is much too short to bother drinking teabags, so this is a teabag free zone ‚Äď no micro plastics, bleached paper, string, staple, coloured cardboard tag, or other nasties sharing your cup ‚Äď just high quality Real Loose Leaf Tea!

Many companies are updating their teabags to "Cornstarch PLA" or similar - which are generally more compostable and biodegradable.

However this is still  a type of "plastic" - it is just that this "plastic" is plant based rather than fossil fuel based.  

Tea sold in teabags is very big business and both research and marketing for the big companies are in overdrive behind the scenes.

Personally I think the long term effect of pouring boiling water over these products and then drinking it, is just unknown at this stage, but not worth the risk! Especially because you are getting an inferior product to loose leaf tea anyway. ... I really cannot see the point!

I will write more on this topic in future posts after I do some more research. There really is a lot of conflicting information out there at present. Treading My Own Path is one website where I have found some practical ideas and information without being alarmist or just self interested in protecting and promoting.

There are many stainless-steel infusers available to make a single cup quickly with no fuss or wastage … and sometimes it is a goodly thing to take an extra couple of minutes to make a pot, sit down and enjoy on your own or share with a friend.

No added sugars, emulsifiers, stabilisers, artificial flavours either, so you may have to gently shake your tea occasionally to distribute contents evenly. If you are a sweet tooth you can control your own touch of sugar.

I intentionally do not try and have the largest range possible, but I do have the best quality, flavour and value teas that I can source or blend myself. Save your time searching and get your tea direct from me to you. I am also happy to personally cater for your individual requests to get your favourite blend just right!

All herbs have formal Australian Organic Certification or are Wildcrafted without pesticides and herbicides.   Each healthy cup brims with all-natural flavour, aroma and antioxidants.


Plain, fruity, floral, nutty or minty... there are so many different flavours to have fun with and explore to find which suit your tastebuds. I believe there is at least one tea out there for everybody - let me help you find yours!



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