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... you can take your cuppa way too seriously ... remember tea is fun 😉

I really do love tea ... drinking it, blending it, smelling it, experimenting with it …so, I am fortunate I spend most of my waking hours (and some of my dreaming ones) thinking or doing something tea related … lucky me!

However, I don’t think I am not a “tea snob” in any way and even I am often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different tea varieties that are available online these days.

Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I really do enjoy sampling the very finest of specialist teas, especially when I am travelling, much as I like a very fine wine on occasion.

However, I believe tea is something to be enjoyed every single day – in fact several times a day … so I try and find a balance that offers quality and value without breaking your budget.

Drinking tea can be a wonderful ritual or ceremony … but not always … sometimes it is a hurried cup when you have just woken up or are feeling out of sorts and in need of something to put a small smile on your face.

We should not forget that it can be fun and enjoyed at any time of day or night!

Personally, I have always drunk my tea black without sugar but the best way to drink your tea is the way you like it … do not be afraid to experiment a little!  I offer suggestions with my labelling but there are so many different milks and sweeteners available these days, you may just find your magic combination.

My selection of teas will always try its best to cater for the person who loves their cuppa as something that enhances their enjoyment of life

These and many more tea issues will be randomly discussed in "Tea Tales" over the coming months ... stay tuned ... and don't take any of it too seriously


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