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Naturally Sweet & Spicy. Great for your digestion & warming for the body & soul.  The freshly ground spices flavour the honey to make it quick & easy to make. No need brew in a saucepan or add extra honey or milk. 

No added emulsifiers, preservatives, salt, sugar or nasties – turn your jar upside down occasionally as honey will settle a little! 

Tropical North Queensland Rainforest Honey – natural and unheated.

Pu-erh Digestive Black Tea - a very special fermented black tea that is great for your digestion.

Spicy Certified Organic Ginger - kibble chunks and freshly ground powder.

“True” Cinnamon Verum - Certified Organic chips and freshly ground powder.

Cardamom Pods - Certified Organic - crushed in a mortar & pestle


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